The Opening Gambit: Year 1


Wherein I outline my ongoing discovery of the “meaning of strength”. Turns out, strength exists not only in ones physical state, nor is it acquired with training alone, or with the new essential supplements currently recommended by popular health experts / celebrities. Let us begin.

What is Strength?

Strength is the product of muscular action initiated and orchestrated by electrical processes in the nervous system of the body.

Verkoshansky, Science and Practice of Strength Training, Second Edition


Behold. A definition that cannot be argued with. That said, when the term is used commonly, it yields a profusion of meanings dependent on context. That premise is the basis for this site. It is to become a dusty grimoire of observations, gleaned from a combination of learning the hard way and studying the convergence of ideas from those much smarter than I.

On Strength

In my late teens and early twenties, I understood strength to be directly related to muscle size and the visibility of ones abdominal musculature. In my mid to late twenties, my definition of strength was altered to ones capacity to suffer, primarily under the sustained duress of perpetual motion – either on foot or bike. With my early thirties came the discovery of ‘functional fitness’, such as it was, and again I thought I finally understood. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Though an evolution, my understanding was deeply flawed, as I was hunting for simple dogmatism in a concept that is more far-reaching than a single definition. I strode around certain I had the answers, not realising that I hadn’t even formulated a serviceable question.

When the wise man points at the moon the imbecile looks at the finger.

– Confucius

Strength is a riddle to be solved

On Strong AF

Strong AF scrutinises this riddle in 6 loose categories: Acuity, Kinship, Nourishment, Purpose, Resilience and Vitality. These are elements of the greater whole, identified henceforth as a broader, and deeper, definition of strength.

You can expect articles for discussion which may include occasional links to the works of others, or to products that experience has proved to be of use. Unless you are a member of the site and signed in, you will be served ads, likely to reflect your browsing habits. That’s on you.

You can purchase t-shirts that only Strong AF members are likely to understand and at some point you’ll be able to buy coffee beans – made to order and shipped by some tiny humans in the Midwest.

You will never see any attempt at meaningful engagement on any other platform. Here, and only here, is where discussion happens.

You are encouraged to join, participate in developing and exploring The Riddle of Strength. As time passes it is hoped you will benefit, measurable over time in a variety of ways. If that sounds cryptic: good. Exploration is a lost art in an era of immediate reward – counter to how things work in the real world. To see something unfold, to get results, or achieve anything meaningful, one has to invest in A Thing.

To think otherwise would be delusion, and this is the wrong place for that.

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