Life Through a Cracked Lens

A Campfire

A perspective on how our delicate ego may prevent us from understanding different viewpoints and bringing further clarity to the lens though which we consider the world.

Acorn to Seedling: Year 2

Image of Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent, biting his own tail

Strong AF is one year old today. This post covers the intended trajectory with the site and community. There are secrets herein to be uncovered and more not-so-secrets to come this year.

Goal F*ck Yourself

A Campfire

Goals often demand a change of habits. Habits are formed over a lifetime, yet we seem assured things can change in a matter of days. This article talks about why that’s dumb and how to be not dumb about goal setting and the changing of long term habits.

Be a Winner at the Game of Life

Image of a right facing crow

A harrowing childhood nightmare turns into the suggestion that life may be more than just a set of rules created by Hasbro.


A discussion on our creeping away from instinctive pattern matching and tribal behaviour to obsession with ourselves our and own mortality.

I Can Read. Can You?

Image of a left facing crow

An anecdote regarding my perceived inability to concentrate on the written word, the cause, and a broader comment on our societal predisposition to drift through life in a state of perma-lassitude.

The “Health Space” Makes my Blood Boil

Behold an opinion based around the asseveration that one “cannot market health” and yet the “Health Space” has become a multi-billion dollar industry hopper in which we tumble around, haplessly grasping at concepts in the hope of winning the better self lottery.

The Opening Gambit: Year 1

A Campfire

Wherein I outline my ongoing discovery of the “meaning of strength”. Turns out, strength exists not only in ones physical state, nor is it acquired with training alone, or with the new essential supplements currently recommended by popular health experts / celebrities. Let us begin.